How the Flower Came to Be

A Menominee legend retold by Sara Wescott

Long ago when the Creator was making life, He was feeling really happy. He truly enjoyed creating! He looked around at all the wonderful things He had made and thought to Himself, "I am so happy that I want to make something special to spread my happiness."

He thought long and hard, and then said, "This thing must be so pleasing that it will get a second look. It must fill the air with sweet smells that create happiness." He thought some more, and then he added, "But I also want it to serve a purpose. It must be able to be eaten and used as medicine."

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So, after thinking long and happily, the Creator took bits of this and bits of that and bits of things that had never been and created the flower.

He made tall ones and short ones, skinny ones, and fat ones. He made them every color imaginable. He was so satisfied with His new creation that He spread them all over the world for everyone to enjoy.



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