Coffea arabica (Arabian Coffee)

Scientific Name

Coffea arabica L.

Common Names

Arabian Coffee, Coffee Shrub of Arabia, Mountain Coffee, Arabica Coffee


Coffea arabica var. arabica, Coffea corymbulosa, Coffea laurifolia, Coffea moka, Coffea sundana, Coffea vulgaris

Scientific Classification

Family: Rubiaceae
Tribe: Coffeeae
Genus: Coffea


Color: White
Bloom Time: Mid-spring


Coffea arabica is an upright, tropical evergreen shrub or small tree that grows up to 15 feet (4.5 m) tall. In coffee plantations, plants are kept trimmed to 6 feet (1.8 m) tall for ease of harvest and best production. Indoor container plants typically grow up to 6 feet (1.8) tall. Leaves are glabrous, glossy, elliptical, and dark green, with prominent veins and wavy margins. Flowers are fragrant, star-shaped, white, up to 0.6 inches (1.5 cm) in diameter, and bloom in axillary clusters of 2 to 9. Fruits (berries) are green, two-seeded, gradually mature to yellow, light red, and finally deep red. They are edible with a pulpy grape-like texture, but the seeds (coffee beans) are coveted.

Coffea arabica (Arabian Coffee)
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USDA Hardiness Zone 10a to 11b: from 30 °F (−1.1 °C) to 50 °F (+10 °C).

How to Grow and Care

Coffee Plants prefer bright but indirect light. This means that they should be placed near a window but not directly in the window itself. They also cannot take temperatures below freezing and will not do well in temperatures that stay consistently below 65°F (18°C). Keep them away from drafts in the winter.

When growing Coffee Plants, the soil needs to stay moist but not soaking wet. Also, make sure that both the soil and the pot your coffee plant is growing in has good drainage. The humidity around the plant will need to stay high as well. Setting your Coffee Plant on a water-filled pebble tray will help with humidity. Like many houseplants, a coffee plant will need less water in the winter than in the summer.

Your Coffee Plant care routine can also include light fertilizing with a balanced fertilizer once every to 2 to 3 months in the spring and summer. Keep in mind that a happy Coffee Plant can grow up to 6 feet (1.8 m) tall. Therefore, provide enough space for the plant or make pruning a regular part of caring for your Coffee Plant. If you choose to prune your Coffee Plant, the best time is early spring. See more at How to Grow and Care for Coffee Plants at Home.


Endemic to the mountainous regions of Yemen and the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia.


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