Sedum morganianum (Donkey's Tail)

Scientific Name

Sedum morganianum E. Walther

Common Names

Burro's Tail, Donkey's Tail, Lamb's Tail, Horse's Tail, Sedum Burrito

Scientific Classification

Family: Crassulaceae
Subfamily: Sedoideae
Tribe: Sedeae
Subtribe: Sedinae
Genus: Sedum


Color: Pink
Bloom Time: Summer


Sedum morganianum is an evergreen trailing succulent with many pendent, over 2 feet (60 cm) long stems that arise from the base. Leaves are fleshy, blue-green, up to  0.5 inches (1.3 cm) long, and crowded along the stems. Flowers readily emerge in late summer in hanging clusters of small blossoms in pink to red.

Sedum morganianum - Donkey's Tail

How to Grow and Care

Donkey's Tails are pretty forgiving plants—if you forget to water them once or twice, they'll probably be just fine. If you want your plant to thrive, make sure to provide intense light, fertilizer during the growing season, and adequate moisture during the growing season. Too often, these are left to fend for themselves simply because they can. But with a bit of effort, the plant can be a remarkable specimen.

Repot as needed, preferably during the warm season. To repot a Donkey's Tail, make sure the soil is dry before repotting, then gently remove the pot. Knock away the old soil from the roots, making sure to remove any rotted or dead roots in the process. Treat any cuts with a fungicide. Place the plant in its new pot and backfill with potting soil, spreading the roots out as you repot. Leave the plant dry for a week or so, then begin to water lightly to reduce the risk of root rot.

Propagation is by seed or by cuttings. Individual leaves can be sprouted by placing them into a succulent or cactus potting soil, then covering the dish until they sprout. Large Donkey's Tail plants can also be divided during repotting. Learn more at How to Grow and Care for Sedum.


Native to Southern Mexico and Honduras.


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